The neat white sheets,Especially under the direct sunlight of dim lanterns,People have constant reveries,After thinking about it, I felt astonished from the bottom of my heart.

Side palm cutting method: Stand both palms sideways,Thumb up,Little finger down,Finger and fingertip,To be separated by a centimeter,When the palm of your hand falls,Fingers together,When the wrist is lifted, it separates slightly,Fall together,Alternate hands to expand.Traditional Chinese Medicine: The biggest disadvantage of sleeping prone is that it compresses the heart.If the time is too long,Or because of obesity and other reasons, the chest compression is too heavy,May affect the blood circulation throughout the body,Causes heart discomfort and breathing difficulties.Chinese medicine believes that heart failure is caused by Qi deficiency,So you should first ensure a good breathing state during sleep.If you feel suffocated when lying prone,You can take a pillow position,To ensure the smooth flow of heart blood.

When doing SPA,Stay away from distractions,Quiet mood.In many SPA locations,Have placed meditation rooms,So that men can relax.

If a domestic enterprise has a business process or set up a subsidiary in Macau,Can assign you to work in Macau,You can apply for a long-term travel card for Hong Kong and Macau.After overeating or drinking or suffering from a severe dry cough, please do not open the sauna.Patients with severe myocardial infarction and hypertension should be very careful.

Clinically,Some middle-aged and elderly people catch colds because they don’t pay attention to keeping warm during sex.Some people are too impatient,I feel inconvenient to cover myself with a quilt during sex.They like to have sex with their bodies open.For people with prostatitis and lumbar muscle strain or people with weak physique,It is best to wear a vest and waist protection.After winter,You can prepare a thin blanket on the bed,Cover your waist and back during sex.

“Foot is the second heart of man”,The twelve meridians of human beings are compared with the meridians of the lower limbs one by one.Pressing the eyes according to the reflex area speeds up the brain to conduct information,Regulate human endocrine disorders and blood circulation,Debug the physiological environment.The pressing of the feet is the pressing of the whole body.Conclusion: Soaking feet in salt water can actually be tried during daily foot washing.But the amount of salt water added still needs to be a certain degree,Not too much and not too little,Too little can not achieve the effect,Too much will cause skin cells to lose water.

Whether the blood circulation is normal has an important relationship with the body,Massaging the soles of the feet can improve the blood circulation in the body.Raise the body temperature of the feet,Eventually, it can promote the blood circulation of the whole body to reach the normal effect.The experiment proved thatA healthy normal person massaged the soles of the feet for half an hour,The blood flow of the whole body can be increased by more than ten times,Thus showing the benefits of massaging the soles of the feet.

5ml fractionated coconut oil or sweet almond oil as base oil 3 drops grapefruit essential oil 2 drops fennel essential oil 5 drops lavender essential oil

Traditional push-press therapy combined with Bali push-press techniques,Incorporating our original Thai V traditional Chinese medicine massage method,Push on the surface of the leg muscle structure,To improve body fluid circulation.and,Mixing of various spices is used to wipe the body.In this way, the abrasive sand with turmeric as an important structure will remove more,The masseuse sprayed cool lactic acid all over the body,Filter and nourish our skin,Reach the fruit that relaxes nerve endings and relaxes leg muscles.