Scientific research has proved that nucleic acid is the most important material basis of biological cells.In human tissue,Nucleic acids have multiple functions such as heredity, catalysis, storage, energy supply and immune enhancement.If the supply of nucleic acid is sufficient,It can effectively delay the aging process,Prevent the occurrence of various diseases.

Mom is not only elegant,Also very knowledgeable,When she took Charles brother and sister on a walk on the farm,Often impart some knowledge of botany.In order to let the children “look up at the stars”,Cultivate their interest in astronomy,Louis even installed a telescope on the roof.Yongquan point is the head of the kidney meridian.Located on the bottom of the foot,In the front 1/3 of the foot, the depression when the toe is bent.There is “Sanli Yongquan Point,The magic formula of long life; press a hundred times before going to bed,”Strengthen the spleen and nourish the essence and blood”.After washing your feet every day,Rub the Yongquan point on the soles of your feet with your thumbs for about 10 minutes.Helps sleep.Nervous people,The time can be extended to half an hour.After the climate gets warmer,You can walk barefoot or wearing socks on the cobblestone road,Affect Yongquan Point.

“Gentleman massage” refers to the general term for the maintenance items of gentleman’s use of foot bath maintenance and anti-stress and decompression.It is improving the gentleman’s personal taste and changing his appearance.A unique situational massage program developed by Hua Yun iterative research and development.Enjoy promoting repeated smoothness in the blood,The effect of restoring basal metabolic rate,Eliminate body silt and garbage function.

Before retirement,No matter what kind of work you do,You must be diligent in thinking and acting.Even if you are passive,You can also use your brain, hands and feet to complete various tasks.Don’t believe too much in incompetent scams.After middle age,Brain cells are reduced due to apoptosis,But 1/3 of the brain cells are still retained for later use.In addition,Recent studies have found that brain cells are still regenerating.therefore,If you think hard,You can still learn to use computers, painting, calligraphy, health care and writing articles to enrich the lives of the elderly.Diligent use of the brain helps maintain a normal mental state.Only in this way,A person can be open-minded, open-minded, and without deception.The fitness function of walking is well known.Walking is a whole body activity,It can improve overall health,Especially good for heart activity,Helps slow down muscle atrophy.Try to step on your foot,According to your physical condition,Take as much stride as possible,Faster,Longer,Swing your arm gently.Don’t think of walking as a casual walk and crowded roads.The “three diligences” will effectively overcome the sedentary lifestyle.Sedentary has become a new risk factor for many diseases in middle-aged and elderly people.Sports sweating is different.In twenty minutes of fitness exercise,The body fat in the human body will start to be burned,Sweat at this time includes body fat.therefore,Exercise sweats and slimming effect is stronger.

Beijing Health Club: Longevity has always been a hot topic,So how can we maintain health and health care to keep ourselves healthy and long-lived?In Chinese medicine, there is a way to promote life with massage,Today, the editor will introduce you to 13 massage methods of traditional Chinese medicine to help you live longer.Let’s take a look together below.

Detailed method: pinch the back and front of the left foot with your left hand during dry rubbing,Rub your right hand along the front and back of your feet many times,It is used to heat up the instep; change to rub the instep of the right foot with left hand.The strength of rubbing is suitable for your comfort.Put your feet in warm water when rubbing wet,Soak until your feet are hot,Then rub in a dry rub.Chinese medicine believes thatMay wish to eat more “white food”.When cooking,You can choose white radish, cabbage, winter melon, lily, white fungus, lotus root, lotus seeds, etc.among them,The two popular vegetables, cabbage and radish, have the best effects.It is the most economical tonic.White radish contains many vitamins and minerals,The content of vitamin C is 8-10 times higher than that of pears and apples; while cabbage is rich in vitamin C and vitamin E.Can prevent dry skin caused by heat,The cellulose can also promote bowel movements,Prevent constipation.

Individuals with fast metabolism in the body compare their bodies,But the curve is also more curvaceous.Fat people usually have a slower metabolism.So many men are worried about slow metabolism.So how should we increase the metabolism in the body?Doing a spa all day can speed up your metabolism!If you need to speed up the basal fat metabolism of obesity,It is recommended to choose a low temperature environment for foot bathing,Foot bathing like this kills two birds with one stone,Not only can it speed up the metabolism, it can also speed up the basal fat metabolism of obesity!

There was a girl from Jamaica this time,Black button,Your butt is so close that you can add a glass of water.But the little brother is too junior,Can’t eat it.

People with gastrointestinal disorders: small stomach pain,Bloating,Hiccups, many exhaust pipes,There will be excessive metabolism-everything is normal and the body detoxifies strongly.